Rewriting the rules from 1744

At its core, 1744 is a brand born from the cultural influences of the 80s skateboard and 90s rave scenes in the UK. Two brothers push to combine the counterculture movements upon which they were moulded and combine this with their passion for golf. Contributing to a new wave of urban golf brands with a fresh British take on free thinking style and attitude in golf, on and off the course. Free from the traditional ties that many brands remain connected; one that is focused on producing bold and fresh products that connect with the contemporary golfer.

Two brothers with an long time obsession with skate and snowboarding, influenced by brands such as Santa Cruz, Death Box, Airwalk, Stussy and Powell Peralta; raised in a family credited, in part, with the birth of the electronic dance movement in the form of Dreamscape raves during the 90s. Not your typical golfer upbringing that we see as an opportunity to disrupt and bring a new identity to the global golf community; non-exclusionary, expressive, and fearless.