Our philosophy at 1744 is to be a force for good across all aspects of our business.

Golf has a historic reputation for being an exclusive sport that has unconsciously excluded many on the basis of income, background and locality. Further to this is the impact that courses, equipment manufacturing and rapid end-of-life use has had on the environment. Thankfully change is happening; clubs, manufacturers and participants are becoming more aware of their environmental and social responsibilities. We want to be part of this environmental and inclusive shift that celebrates the greatest sport in the world that anyone can enjoy regardless of location or background.

All our suppliers operate factories accredited for paying a living wage and adopt fair employment practices. Our shipping partners offset all our carbon emissions, and our products are shipped in packaging that minimises waste and uses recycled materials wherever possible.

We will always strive to operate our business and supply products as sustainably as the science and economic capacity will allow. We will continue to invest in minimising our environmental footprint while maximising our social impact, and are excited to have you join us on this journey.